TMS: Translation memory & term base

Improve the option to add the synonyms

Currently it's not possible to add synonyms in Editors. Synonyms can only be added by going to the termbase, finding the term and adding the synonym there. Easier access to adding the synonyms would speed up the work of Linguists. 

Use cases: 

  • Adding spelling variations that would otherwise cause a false QA warning in Memsource and were omitted by the TB creator ("esthetics" vs. "aesthetics").
  • Editing imported terms that contain multiple words that are treated as one term ("big/substantial").

Current behavior: 

It is only possible to add synonyms directly in the term base. 

Desired behavior: 

It's possible to adjust the synonyms directly through the widget in the editor.


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  • What a marvellous idea, thank you.


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