TMS: Translation memory & term base

Substitution of Numbers is Automatically Localized (Decimal Separator)

Current behavior:
Numbers substituted between source and target using the TM or NT are not localized based on the target language number format standards (decimal separators, spaces, etc.).

Requested behavior:
Number substitution (between source and target using the TM/NT) is localized based on the target language number format standards. Numbers such as 1.234.567,00 that are in the source language segment are to be changed accordingly in the target language. It's required that this localization provides proper decimal separator and minus character (U+2212).

Use case:
Without the number substitution following a target language standard for number, the substitution results in more work as linguists have to edit them manually.


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  • By default, most numbers fall under the non-translatable category, meaning they do not get included in analyses.

    However, especially in finance projects, there are numerous entries that require conversion from one formatting to the other, which not only takes a lot of time, but might also result in serious errors.

    Phrase should definitely work on this feature.


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