TMS: Translation memory & term base

Option for deduplication on Term Base import

Current behavior:
   Importing external TB files (e. g. TBX) with partly identical term entries results in duplicate terms in the Memsource TBs because external files do not contain TIDs.

Available workaround (if any):
  Deduplication can be done beforehand in an external tool, e. g. a TBX editor or Excel, after importing the new TBX into a temporary Memsource TB export just for conversion and download as XLSX, and deduplicating that one using Data -> Remove duplicates into a full XLSX export of the Memsource TB that the user wants to link to their project.

Requested behavior:
   An option offered on TB import to deduplicate identical term entries (source+targets).

Use case:
   TB files extracted from a client's recurring packages (exported from other CAT tools) contain the same complete (large) TB files, each time with the latest few term additions. Only the latter should be imported into Memsource's TB.


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  • I have definitely run into problems in the past with ever-duplicating term base entries. This option would be a lifesaver!


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