TMS: Translation memory & term base

Term Bases can be assigned to individual workflow steps

Currently, it's only possible to assign one term base in the Write mode to all workflow steps. It can be sometimes difficult for the Linguists assigned to review the job to make sure that the correct/approved final terms are added from the TB to the Revision step.
Current behavior:
When selecting TB for projects with Workflow steps, the TB is automatically assigned to all available WF steps.
Requested behavior:
When selecting TB for project with Workflow steps, users can decide whether the TB is assigned to a selected WF step or if it should be assigned for all of them.
Use case: 
This could prevent accidental overwriting of terms updated in a lower WF step. If a TB can be assigned to an individual WF step, it's easier to keep track of the Approved final versions of terms.


  • @... Can you please explain a bit more what you mean? Ideally, can you please share your use case?

  • yes sure, in Memsource we are allowed to choose one termbase to write on (add terms to) in all project workflows (ex: Translation, Revision). You can check other termbases but it would be on "read only" mode. This can be very unpractical if you have a tight timeline, both workflows are moving at the same time. So enabling the option to "write" on one TB in the translation workflow and "write" on another final TB in the revision workflow, just like it is with the Translation Memories. Hope this is clearer :)

  • Just to comment that there is a typo in the title of this article. It should read "Termbases" and not "Termabses".

  • Hi,

    You have a keen eye, fixed. Thank you.

  • Hi there, just to follow up on my initial suggestion. Are there any updates? will you look into this anytime soon? it would be very helpful to be able to write on separate termabases in each workflow. For the time being the "write" right can only be on the same TB in both translation and review workflows. 

  • This is currently not on the roadmap. :-( 


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