TMS: Project & job management

Display the list of templates in alphabetical order

Current behavior

Currently, templates (email templates, project templates or templates for assigning providers) are listed chronologically in the order in which they were created. It is necessary to scroll through and read the whole list before finding the right one.

Workaround (if any)

It’s possible to get to a desired template by pressing a key with the letter corresponding to the first letter of the template’s name.

Requested behavior

Templates are listed alphabetically for easier orientation and usage.

Use case

We have email templates and templates to assign providers for all different projects we have. The way they are displayed right now is not convenient, and project managers need to scan the entire list to find the relevant template. Having them listed in alphabetical order would make locating and selecting them easier and faster.


1 comment

  • Having the templates listed in alphabetical order would certainly save a lot of time when assigning jobs.


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