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Add new macro for completed file names

Current behavior:

Currently, there are the following macros to represent target language in a completed file's name. They add the language code in the these formats:

  • {targetLang} → en_us
  • {targetLangName} → English (United States)
  • {tragetLangRFC} → en-US
  • {targetLangAndroid} → en-rUS
  • {targetLangAndroidBCP} → b+en+US

Requested behavior:

Introduce a macro for target files in the format language_LOCALE, e.g. en_US.

Use case:
It would allow easier file management of translated files in repositories which require this specific file name format.


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  • Those are mainly .yml files, meaning they have a top-level key also named en_US. The top-level key must be supported if and when that change is implemented. 

    Thank you!


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