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Make it possible to preserve whitespaces in CJK languages when colon is used as a segment separator

For CJK languages, Memsource removes spaces between 2 TUs that are separated by a colon.

Current behavior: In case the colon divides a segment, it stays at the end of it and space is deleted, for instance because the Japanese use a full-width colon that is not followed by space

Expected behavior: For CJK languages, there is an option that make it possible to keep that whitespace

Workaround: fix the output manually

Use case:
The client's rules are the following:

  • Korean
    • Doesn't use double byte (full-width) colon. For Korean, always need to use the half width colon followed by a space
  • Chinese and Japanese
    • Full width colon: space should NOT be added
    • Half width colon: always add a space between segments


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