TMS: Project & job management

Add job completion rate to email templates

Current behavior:
When using email templates to assign a job, they do not contain information on the completion rate of the job being assigned. The macro {job.wordCount} only shows raw (total wordcount) which may be misleading for a linguist as to how much actual work there is to do.

Available workaround (if any):
The linguist can see the progress of the job in % (percentage of how many segments are confirmed in the job) once they log into their Memsource account. Detailed breakdown is available only in an analysis, provided it is assigned to the linguist.
Requested behavior:
Email templates include current job completion status, which also reflects pre-translation.
Use case:
It would be useful for linguists to see the job completion rate in the email template to avoid panic, having to log into Memsource to get more details or further communication between a PM and the linguist when they get a notification for a new job with "Words: 10335 with due date on the next day", and then they find out the actual volume to do is about 100 words, for example.


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