TMS: Project & job management

More specific error messages on multilingual file export failures

Current behavior:
  When trying to export e. g. a Multilingual MS Excel file where there is an error in one of the languages (=jobs), the error message does not indicate the language/job where the problem is.

Available workaround (if any):
 None; all jobs need to be opened and downloaded from the Editors (with Preview translation) if possible. If they all pass this test, QA needs to be run and further investigation can continue in the MXLIFFs.

Requested behavior:
 Export failure error messages such as "File could not be generated: Segment id 1151 - Unexpected character '&' (code 38) in start tag Expected a quote at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [1,276]" should contain the language code of the respective job. Also, a 'forced export' option would come handy if possible, so that the user can get a defective (but openable) target file that they can fix in e. g. Office.

Use case:
 Troubleshooting efforts put into an already dispersed trial-error process are multiplied by the number of target languages, typically just before the deadline.



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