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Introduce a new downloadable file format: Plain bilingual DOCX

The current bilingual DOCX format is not the best fit for some clients, who need the text with all the segments visible (at the moment, target segments for repetitions are blank and greyed out). They are looking for a plain bilingual text with the original formatting intact (bold, italic, etc.). Some clients prefer for the tags to be present in the text, while others would like to remove them for the export. 
Current behavior:
  • The current bilingual DOCX format omits repetitions and contains tags. 
  • Stripping an MXLIFF using regex (or perhaps XSLT), but that will remove the native formatting.
Requested behavior:
  • 'Plain bilingual DOCX' should contain all instances of the repetitions, and no tags. 
  • Alternatively, two new options could be introduced for the existing Bilingual DOCX download: "Keep repetitions" and "Remove tags".
  • If extended option for tag removal is implemented, additional options could be added: 1. remove, 2. keep as placeholders, 3. keep as in source.
  • Another proposed solution could be: add a simplified header, remove segment UIDs, and keep native formatting such as bold/italic/underlined/super-/subscript.


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