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Import file structures without going through a zip

Use case: a project with a complex directory structure (e.g. a web site, but there are other scenarios). The directory structure needs to be retained in the target

Current behavior: the only way to retain the path information for each file is to zip the structure and import the zip

Issue with current behavior: When working from another platform through a connector (e.g. Plunet), it is quite possible that the interaction would result in the file structure being flattened. Plunet, for instance, will import a zipped structure; but, when a project is created through the connector, it will unzip the archive and create a directory structure, then shoot the files to Memsource over the connection to create the project, but all path information is lost in the process because Memsource isn't ready to receive it.

In the best case scenario, this results in a lot of error-prone manual work to reconstruct the target structure. In the worst case, files with the same name across folders may overwrite each other on export. 

Suggested behavior: change the batch import mechanism so that a whole directory structure can be imported with the file path information being retained. This would be reflected in a further piece of data that can be used in the connectors to map this information across systems. Aside from addressing the issue at hand, it is simply more convenient not having to zip a structure before importing it - there may be cases where the resulting zip would be too big to create, transmit, or ingest.


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  • Yes, I totally agree, we are having the same issue. Thank you for reporting.


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