TMS: Editors

Add option to jump to next segment not confirmed during pre-translation

Some clients would like a new option when jumping to the next segment after confirming one in the Editor. They would like an option to jump to the next segment not confirmed during pre-translation and/or that is not 100/101% match in order to review their work.
This would speed up the Linguist's work in case they are doing a self revision of one's work in the same workflow step. The Editor does not differentiate the origin of the confirmed segment (if it was confirmed manually or during pre-translation). With all the segments confirmed, it's harder for Linguist to make overall sense of what they already worked on.
Current behavior: 
The options After confirming a segment jump to the are: 
- Next segment
- Next unconfirmed segment
- Next confirmed segment
- Next segment confirmed in the preceding workflow step
(can be found under Tools > Preferences > CAT)
  • Use filters in the Editor to display only fuzzy and no matches or work in different workflow steps.
  • Lock the 100% and 101% TM or MT matches during pre-translation, but allow Linguists to edit the Locked segments. 
Requested behavior:
Add an option in After confirming a segment jump to the that allows to jump to the next confirmed segment which was not confirmed during pre-translation (or was not confirmed from a 100%, 101% match).


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