TMS: Project & job management

Add automatic reminders for assigned providers

Some organizations have created accounts for providers or clients for review purposes. These reviewers are not Linguists by nature, and they don't prioritize such tasks. Automated reminders for the assigned providers could smooth the workflow. This could also be beneficial for Linguists as well. 

This setting should be project specific. PMs should be able to set:

  • type of reminder
  • the time frame (7 days, 3 days, 1 day) 
  • the workflow steps where the notification gets triggered

Types of reminders: 

  • When the job is assigned, but hasn't been accepted yet. 
  • When the job is accepted, but hasn't been completed yet and the due date is approaching. 

Current behavior:

It's not possible to send out automatic reminders to providers.

Requested behavior:

It's possible to send out automatic reminders to providers based on the criteria above.


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  • This would be a very useful feature. Is it in scope to be added in 2023?


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