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Propagate edit source changes and reflect them in the source file if downloaded

Current behavior:

It is possible to edit source texts in the Editor using the F2 key (if permitted). Such changes are only effective inside the platform for purposes of storage of translation units and proper leverage from translation memories.

Edit source changes are not propagated to the original source. If a source file is downloaded (from project page via Download -> Original file or from Editor via Document -> View original), the original unedited file that was used to create the job in the first place is obtained.   

Expected behavior:

Source text edits are propagated to the original source file and reflected in the file in case of downloading

Use case:

Users tend to fix errors in the source text directly in the Editor and want to be able to download corrected source files, so they do not need to apply such changes twice.


Apply the changes inside the original source file and re-upload the edited file to the existing job via the Update source feature


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  • Yes, that is very useful especially when we would like to run MT on the source by adding pre-editing, and send feedback to the original wirter what has been changed (or what is the correct way to phrase it). I am sure this function could be useful for your end-to-end solution for localization. Thank you


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