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Share analysis reports with many linguists

Current behavior:
Analysis report can be shared with only one linguist.

Requested behavior:
Share the analysis reports with many linguistics.

Use case:
We need a way to share analysis reports with linguists at offering job phase, how can we let some linguistics see the report on Memsource before the files were assigned/accepted?
We appreciate it if Memsource would be able to add a function to share the Analysis report to any linguists we choose in the future.



  • When using Automation Widget, under the associated service, there is a "Create for provider as well", which should share the analysisto the provider,  and even the quote as long as they have a price list/ net rate scheme defined in their profile.  I assume that's accessible before you accept the job, asssuming you have multiple providers defined for the job?

  • The downside to "analyze by providor" is that it is causing manual work for the PM’s when there are many languages on a project. Even if 1 agency has multiple linguists, the analysis can only be shared with 1 account – so we are frequently needing to email the analyses to them. It would be ideal to minimize the amount of manual work/emails needed by being able to assign all linguists to the analysis.


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