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Introduce additional import options for Excel files

Sometimes it's not possible to exclude specific columns or rows when needed or  hide the content in sparse cells. It would help, if a specific style used in Excel could be flagged in the import options to exclude it. 

Current behavior

It's not possible to exclude any cells during the import of a simple Excel file. 

Desired behavior 

It's possible to exclude cells in Excel that use a specific style.



  • That would be a great feature as it would speed the prepping time for Excel files when the translatable content is scattered across the file. Is anyone interested? 

  • That would be great if Phrase could recognise a specific excel cell style to exclude/hide them after file upload.

  • Indeed! It would save time at earlier stages and would be a great benefit at translation/localisation (especially when dealing with XML files).

  • I agree, this would come in very handy and reduce the prepping time for these files.


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