TMS: Project & job management

Allow Linguists to add references to a project

Current behavior:
Only PM/Admin users can add references to projects.

Available workarounds:
1. The materials are forwarded to the PM who uploads them - this is not real-time
2. The Linguist is changed to a PM temporarily, with the necessary access restrictions (e. g. no access to other projects) - this is not reliable
3. Sharing knowledge via a cloud service such as GDrive and adding only that link as a reference in the project - this involves an external service with its security and confidentiality risks

Requested behavior:
Linguist users can upload or add references to projects

Use case:
Linguists should be able to support each others' work in real time.


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  • Having a plain document upload feature for linguists would also be incredibly helpful for us. We generally ask for a translation of the diagrams within our jobs, and a write up of translator memos on a certain template in MS word, and we either need to use email (which ruins the point of having linguists submit their work on the cloud), or to bootleg a format to run through the editor, which is honestly much more difficult than just having the linguist upload a separate word file. It also sounds really easy to implement from your end, as the feature already exists, it would just need to be copy pasted with linguist permissions.


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