TMS: Editors

Add a different color for each TB of a project to distinguish them in the CAT pane of the Editor

Current behavior:
When suggestions for a selected segment in the Editor are coming from multiple TBs, they are all highlighted in yellow.

Available workaround:
Select the suggestion in the CAT pane and check termbase metadata at the bottom to read the name of the TB.

Requested behavior:
When a segment is selected in the Editor and suggestions from multiple TBs are displayed in the CAT pane, they should be of different colors in order to immediately distinguish which TB the suggestions are coming from.

Use case:
When working with multiple TBs, having a different color for each TB would speed up the translation process, as it would allow to immediately distinguish TBs and choose the suggestion accordingly without having to check the TB metadata.



  • I'm afraid that using multiple colors for TBs would make the suggestions difficult to read, and determine what's coming from the TM/TB/etc.

    Perhaps using different shades of yellow would be a good middle ground.

  • Using different shades of yellow is exactly what I am looking for.
    I strongly suggest color-coding  the TBs. 

  • Could the technical team look into this given the number of likes it has gained from users? 

  • Hi everyone, thank you for all your feedback. Interesting point with the shades of yellow! We are continuously keeping an eye on all your messages and upvotes. Once the number of upvotes is high enough and the feature gets picked up, we will let you know. Thank you for your understanding!

  • I am greatly looking forward to this feature since with current behavior it is not easy for translators to distinguish among multiple TBs and it will help prioritize what to refer to when we use different term translations.


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