TMS: Project & job management

Add option to deselect all target languages / import files by target language

Current behavior:

In a project with multiple languages, all target languages are selected by default when creating a new job.

When working with bilingual XLIFF files, which are target-specific, it is necessary to manually deselect all other target languages.

Some competitive tools do allow this option.

Available workaround (if any):

Manual deselection of all other target languages

Separate projects for each target language

Quick tip: Holding Shift key and clicking on the language selects/deselects all other languages. 

Requested behavior:

Checkbox to select/unselect all target languages when creating a job - see this screenshot


Possibility to import files by target language - see this example

Use case:

Working with multiple bilingual XLIFF files, which are target language specific

Translating a set of files into multiple target languages, where not all files are translated for into all target languages



  • This would be a nice option!

    "deselect all" option and option to upload a file to each language on the project.


  • Just a quick note on this. It's possible to quickly deselect/select all languages in just one click while pressing and holding the Shift key. 

  • Thanks for this very useful tip Jitka, it indeed does the trick - I have added this piece of information to the documentation.

  • This feature will help also for files that use Multilingual XML file import settings.


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