TMS: Editors

Full support for Unicode notation in the Editors' search & replace functionality

Current behavior:
   For example, a [thin space+non-breaking space] combination cannot be found with \x{202F}\x{00A0}. Instead, it can be found with \x{202F}\x{0020} (as if the [non-breaking space] was a [space]), and
  •   An attempt to replace it with \x{00A0} (or just \x{0020}) in the [Replace:] field will replace the found character(s)s with a literal "\x{00A0}" (or "\x{0020}") string.

Requested behavior:
  a [thin space+non-breaking space] combination should be found with \x{202F}\x{00A0}, and replaced with a [non-breaking space] by adding \x{00A0} in the [Replace:] field.

Use case:
   French target texts where a third-party application adds [thin space] characters before ?!;%, etc. that are sometimes followed by a manually added [non-breaking space]
  •   Quick replacement of thousand or currency separators, etc.
  •   Manipulation of any other exotic characters



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