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Dedicated shortcut for jumping to the next segment

It would be handy to keep Ctrl+Enter for confirmation and jumping to the next unconfirmed segment [or the action set in Preferences], and e. g. Alt+Shift+Enter dedicated for jumping to the next segment.

Current behavior:
   There is only one dedicated shortcut for segment confirmation and jumping. Ctrl+Enter can be configured in Editor Preferences to jump either to the next  segment or the next unconfirmed segment (+ other options).

Available workaround (if any):
   No quick workaround (pressing down arrow multiple times (then Home) is inconvenient; changing the preferences just for a single jump action isn't worth the effort)

Requested behavior:
  Besides keeping Ctrl+Enter for the action set in Preferences, a second confirm+jump hotkey, e. g. Alt+Shift+Enter should be dedicated for jumping to the next segment [or another action configurable in Preferences].



  • This. A thousand times this. How is it possible for such basic functionality NOT to be included? This is precisely the kind of thing that makes Memsource such an unwieldy programme. Until issues like this are addressed I will never recommend using Memsource to anyone.

  • Pressing Enter takes you directly to the next segment. Unless you're asking for a shortcut to NOT confirm the segment and go to the next [unconfirmed or preset] segment?

  • I want a shortcut that confirms the current segment and takes me to the next segment, AND a shortcut that confirms the current segment and takes me to the next unconfirmed segment. For example, ctrl+enter and ctrl+shift+enter. Right I can only have one OR the other, and I can only switch between the two by going into the settings menu. This is extremely annoying when for example working on documents that contain a mix of translation and revision, as translation works far better with confirm+move to next unconfirmed segment (this saves a lot of time wasted on scrolling, which also takes you out of your workflow), while revision demands confirm+move to next segment (because moving to next unconfirmed segment causes you to lose track of where you were).

  • This is much needed. I am translating a file with 1989 segments. Most are locked and confirmed. The first unlocked segment is segment 259. I have already translated the first few segments, so the first unlocked and untranslated / unconfirmed segment is segment 757. This kind of situation is of course very common when using CAT tools.

    When I open the file, I am at segment 1, which is locked and confirmed. In Memsource, if I hit ctrl + enter then nothing happens. I remain at segment 1. If I hit enter I move to the next segment, which is segment 2. Neither of these actions help me at all.

    How do I get to the first unconfirmed segment? I either have to scroll down while looking for the unconfirmed segment, or use the filters, neither of which are quick and easy. In Trados Studio the default when hitting ctrl + enter is simply to move to the first unconfirmed segment, which is a sensible approach.

    Astonishing to me that Memsource doesn't do this. Have the development team ever actually watched translators work, and experimented with different files? It's just such an obvious problem if you think about the issue for more than a few seconds.


  • Our Language Services Team supports this improvement.  Please bring it in! 

  • Hi, can you also add a shortcut to jump to the next job when opening multiple files at a time.
    I would like to easily jump through the previews of each file to check if everything is in order.



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