TMS: Editors

Make more term-related fields available for Linguists when adding new terms from Editor

Current behavior:

When Linguists add new terms from Editors, they only have a limited amount of attributes that can be applied:

  • Source / Target term
  • Case sensitive
  • Fuzzy / Exact match
  • Preferred (with target only)
  • Forbidden (with target only)

Other fields are only available when editing terms directly in a Term Base.

Available workaround (if any):

Other fields can be only filled in when editing a term directly in a Term Base.

Requested behavior:

Make other fields available for Linguists when adding terms from Editor, especially the following:

  • Usage
  • Note

Use case:

This would allow an easy way of how to provide any additional term-related information (usage, source, etc.) and increase the overall usage of the field with terms.



  • I just found this post through a quick search on google - this would be an extremely helpful feature!

    I translate gaming content exclusively (CN > EN), and we have a lot of short terms like skill and item names. Being able to add usage directly from the editor would not only save a lot of time, but - i would imagine - also highly increase the amount of notes and usage fields created.

    Hope this makes it through!

  • Same here. I find this feature extremely helpful to not only PM but also linguists. Now, I have to come back to the linguists to ask them for extra information to fill in other fields, which is pretty time consuming.

  • What is very annoying here is that the Note field was available before, but was removed in one of the updates for reasons I can't imagine.

    This change severely hampered our workflows. Term consistently is extremely important in video games, and one of our primary internal goals is to motivate our vendors to work with TBs as much as possible, which includes adding terms—and adding them *properly*. In a video game effectively every single term needs a Note—explaining what it is, mentioning the character's gender if it's a name, etc.

    Having to move into a whole different program (from the desktop editor to the browser), potentially having to log in again (since it's quite possible they weren't logged in in the web interface), editing stuff there is not only wasteful, it's also demotivating—a regular vendor who has to translate thousands of words per day simply won't bother with these extra steps—which results in lower quality TBs for us.


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