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Allow to edit previously translated segments from the CAT pane results

Current behavior:
If users notice a typo/mistake in a previously translated segment from the TM results in the CAT pane, they need to go back to the segment to correct it.

Available workaround (if any):
Look for the segment content in the filter source/target text field, or scroll up until you find the desired segment, then edit it.

Requested behavior:
By clicking on a TM result in the CAT pane, users can edit the already translated segment. An "Edit segment" option could be displayed and, when selected, it could take users to a pop-up window where the actual segment can be edited.

Use case:
When users have already got far in a long translation job, if they notice a typo/error in the TM results from the CAT pane, having the option to edit the segment from inside the pane would save them the time to go back to the segment to be edited and then again to the next segment to be translated. In this way, they would immediately correct the TM units as well.


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  • I support this suggested feature.


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