TMS: Editors

Allow Linguists to set the job status in the editor not just to Completed, but also to Delivered


Some organizations may use content management systems integrated with Memsource. Some processes cannot be triggered through those, if the job is set to Completed.

Allowing the Linguists to set the file to ‘Delivered’ from within the editor would mean easing up the Project Managers' workload as they currently have to find the project, locate the job and manually change the status of the job.


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  • Though it might be useful for some organizations, this would be contrary to other current flows, while it is principally a task of Project Managers to send jobs to customers and set jobs to Delivered, and it could break some practices. Allowing Linguists to set jobs to Delivered could mean that PMs could lose track of jobs that need to be sent to customers. That is why, we are rejecting this request.


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