TMS: General

Add "--- None ---" placeholders in dropdowns

The top row of dropdowns is currently blank. Adding a "--- None ---" or a similar placeholder would improve user experience as the users would be directly informed that there are options to choose from.
However, there should be no empty or "--- None ---" row in required fields.
Current behavior:
  • The top row is empty for dropdowns such as Net rate scheme in Analysis, Price List in Job reports, and others.
  • There is an empty row in the dropdowns of required fields, e.g.: Price List in Quotes.
Requested behavior:
  • A "--- None ---" placeholder is added to the top row of optional dropdowns.
  • No placeholder (and no empty top row) is present in required dropdowns.
Use case:
The "--- None ---" placeholder would provide a more immediate visual cue for users when working with Net rate scheme dropdown in Analysis (an optional one).


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