TMS: Connectors

Improve the user experience of the online repository browser

  1. It would help to have a traditional tree structure with "expand all" feature or something like that, simply to be able to list all files in subfolders for easier selection.
  2. Once I check a checkbox next to a file and go to another folder, there is no indication that I have actually selected the file. What is more confusing - if I navigate back to the same folder with the file I have already checked, the checkbox next to it is unchecked. So if I need to check dozens of files, I can easily lose track, especially when I am selecting files with identical or similar names.
  3. Once I click OK, the list of files is displayed, but without any indication of paths, so if I have files of the same name, but from different folders, I am unaware which is which.
  4. The same naming issue appears once I confirm the new job and look at the jobs list in the project. An indication of the path next to the file in the column would help a lot.
  5. It would be nice if we could set up the target folder for the exported files, as currently the connector exports the files to subfolders by language names, which is unwanted in one of our scenarios.
  6. It would also help our needs at the moment if there was an option to input files manually (from a local source) but export the translated content to a repository.


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