TMS: Automation

Allow partial download of files at Submitter portal

Submitters can only download files once all jobs are set as Completed. They only have access to a Download all button which can be inconvenient if they need to download individual languages. Expanding the options to download jobs individually or by the language would allow for more dynamic behavior of the portal.

Current behavior: 
It's only possible to download all jobs through Download all button once all the jobs have been set to Completed.
Expected behavior:
Once the jobs are set to Completed, it's possible to download them individually, per target languages or all at once.
Use case:
When a Submitter creates a multilingual project via the portal, they need to wait until all jobs are done and the project is set to Completed. This could be the solution if user needs to access and download files as they are completed instead of waiting for all languages to be completed before they can access the completed files.


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