TMS: Automation

Minimum volume threshold for CJs and CPs

Current behavior:
   It is only possible to select an update frequency for continuous jobs and projects.

Requested behavior:
  •   An option for a minimum volume of words/characters/pages should be added,  i. e. below which the CJ/CP should not be updated.

Use case:
   To save unnecessary overhead/administration triggered by minor text changes that - in our use case - do not need immediate action.


1 comment

  • This could indeed be useful for either:

    • an outsourced project, because LSPs sometimes have a minimum fee, so it does not make sense to send too small of a batch of jobs
    • an insourced project, where you do not want your internal team of translators to work on the project unless there is something significant to work on, like maybe a day of work.

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