TMS: Editors

Screenshots in comments in the Editors

Current behavior:
Screenshots or images cannot be added as/to comments in the Editors.

Available workaround (if any):
URLs from a cloud-based screenshot tool such as 'CloudApp' can be added as text (request for conversion of URLs to links is here)

Requested behavior:
Screenshots or images should be accepted as comment entries in the following forms (if feasible):
- when pasted from the Clipboard
- using a button to browse for saved image files
- via drag & drop to the 'Browse...' button, as known from the 'New Job' page

Use case:
More efficient communication: drawings, citations, references could be available right at hand.



  • I'd definitely agree with this. Text-based comments are helpful, but it would be much more useful to paste images into the comment, in case you need to make a visual explanation. Great idea.

  • This would be so much better with screen captures


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