TMS: Editors

Allow filtering of segments with QA issues

Current behavior: 

It's not possible to filter segments with (or without) QA warnings that are associated with them. 

Requested behavior:

It's possible to filter segments according to whether there are (or aren't) any QA warnings associated with them. 

Use case:

In large files, users spend time finding the segments with a reported QA issue. Focusing on segments with QA warnings only will speed up the review work. 



  • The user already has the option in the QA pane of the Editor to see a list of QA issues, but if there was a way to filter the segments displayed in the Editor that require attention, that might also be helpful, I think.

    One other related point for this feature: for Source and Target inconsistencies in the QA check, I'd like to filter and display all of the relevant segments, not just the current one. At present, you have to scroll or use the Go To Segment command to find the other related segment with inconsistencies, which is pretty inconvenient.

  • Agree 100% with all above

  • This would be a very important enhancement for me.

  • That would be very good and it's possible in other CAT tools so hopefully it can be implemented on Phrase too. 


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