TMS: Editors

Introduce other options for the "Auto-propagate repetitions" feature

At the moment, if a change is made to a repetition, only the subsequent repetitions are affected by this change. Additional options would provide more flexibility when working with repetitions. 

Current behavior: 

The translation of a repeated segment is automatically propagated to all subsequent repetitions.

Requested behavior:

It's possible to propagate the repetitions in the following ways:

- Propagate forward and backward.

- Propagate forward only.

- Propagate backward only.

- Overwrite (or keep) confirmed segments.

Use case:

More flexibility when working with repetitions. Such options could root out possible accidental multiple translations of a particular repetition. 



  • I would like to add that toggling this feature per language (similar to how MT can be enabled to a particular set of languages in a project) would be just as helpful.

  • I was also going to suggest this until I saw this post.

    Memsource's handling of repetition exceptions is great, but we need the choice of autopropagating forwards and backwards, too.


  • Thank you for taking this into consideration and I think It's always good to know (and, if necessary, to go as far as to copycat) what a predecessor is dong with their CAT tool. No pun intended. Thank you.


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