TMS: API & webhooks

Add async id to Pre-translate webhook schema

Current behavior:

Pre-translation webhook returns with the following schema:

  "jobParts": [
      "id": null,
      "uid": "mOj7x1Iv6xlD9WjC6mX9w5",
      "internalId": null,
      "task": null,
      "fileName": null,
      "targetLang": null,
      "workflowLevel": 1,
      "status": "NEW",
      "wordsCount": -1,
      "beginIndex": 0,
      "endIndex": -1,
      "isParentJobSplit": null,
      "dateDue": null,
      "dateCreated": null,
      "project": {
        "id": null,
        "uid": null,
        "lastWorkflowLevel": null
      "assignedTo": [],
      "error": "Error description"

Requested behavior: 

Client would like to also have the async id of the pre-trans action.

Use case:

When I start an asynchronous action, such as pre-translate through API I get an async request Id. If instead of polling for status I want to use callbacks, I need data to know which pre-translate action just completed. Including async request Id in the body of the callback would serve exactly this purpose.



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