TMS: User management

Extended access settings for users

Current behavior:

The access settings of some user roles (with focus on project managers) are too broadly defined, if the user is allowed to modify the contents of a feature (TM, TB), they can also edit the TMs and TBs settings. 

Requested behavior:

More granular options to restrict user access settings.

For example, so they can access and edit terms, but not the TM/TB settings. This would require an additional option in user settings (especially PMs). 

  1. Modify contents of a TM/TB created by other users.
  2. Modify settings of a TM/TB created by other users.

This could be extended to more features, such as Templates. 

Use case: 

Client would like user X to be able to access a given project that user Y has created, and X should be able to see its jobs, work with its TMs and use/edit/save segments as they see fit - but user X should never be able to change the project settings like Machine Translation or which QAs can be ignored, or the name/languages of the TM, TermBase configs, etc.



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