Add the option to exclude TM matches with automatically updated numbers from the "Unedited TM match" QA check

Current behavior:
When there is a fuzzy TM match in which the only difference is number, and the match is inserted into a segment, the number is automatically corrected to reflect the number in the source. However, when the QA is run, an “Unedited TM match” warning appears for such a segment.

Requested behavior:
There is an option to exclude segments with TM matches in which numbers were automatically updated from the “Unedited TM match” QA check.

Use case:
This type of warning produces a lot of false positive warnings, especially in repetitive texts in which a lot of numbers. Since the numbers are updated in the TM match automatically, it should be up to the user to decide if they want to have such segments checked for unedited TM matches. Potential errors in numbers can be caught by other, number-related QA checks.



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