Add the option to run QA on filtered segments only

Current behavior:
The QA is run on all segments in a job. The only exception is locked segments when the “Exclude locked segments from QA” option is enabled in the project.

Requested behavior:
It is possible to run QA only on filtered segments based on certain criteria, e.g., segment created/modified after a certain date.

Use case:
It would allow better scalability in terms of work assigned and time needed to perform QA and check segments that are not part of the assignment/are not compensated.


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  • Thank you for reporting. Additional notes:

    1. QA can be slow on big projects (>10k). Limiting it to filtered items (probably via additional checkbox "[X] only run QA on filtered segments" somewhere in the QA UI) would hopefully speed this up.

    2. Asking PMs to lock non-new segments is not ideal, as sometimes it becomes clear later in a project what a certain term means, so it's good to still be able to change old segments.

    FYI my currently most common workaround is to:

    1. disable terminology and spellchecking checks, which are usually the lion share and just arrow-key jump through the remainder while filter is on.

    2. letting the PM know that I can't properly deliver the file due to the mass of old segment QA results, which so far has been always accepted.


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