LQA segment sampling

For LQA step, it would be great if the PM can perform segment sampling prior to assigning the LQA job to a linguist.

The sampling would be an option that allows the PM to select a sample of segments from a document on which LQA should be performed, Phrase TMS would then perform a random selection based on the sampling criteria (i.e., a number of words) and show only those segment in the LQA job.

This feature is found in app called "ContentQuo", It's a dedicated app to LQA. You can either import XLIFF file(s) into the app or the app can also integrate with a TMS and pull projects, The app then let you control which segments to be used in the LQA task with some sampling options.

Use Case

- If we have a 50,000 words document, it does not make sense to perform LQA on all the segments. Being able to sample a random subset of segments into an LQA job is more realistic and sufficient to get an idea of the overall quality.

- This is very useful, as I said if the document is large, our PM would usually create a sample (i.e., a selection of 100 unique segments) for the LQA task. The linguist can then only see the sampled segment in the LQA UI.

If Phrase TMS had that option, it would eliminate the need to use a separate dedicated software for LQA.



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