File Import Settings

.MD - Markdown (TMS)

Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

File Types

  • .MD


Import Options

  • Flavor 

  • Hard line break creates new segment 

  • Preserve whitespaces 

    Preserves the same whitespace structure in the target document (e.g. spacing, newlines, etc.).

  • Process YAML header 

    Processes YFM. When selected, .YAML import settings are applied.

  • Import code blocks 

    Extracts the content of code blocks for translation.

  • Exclude code elements 

  • Convert to Phrase TMS tags 

    Apply regular expressions to convert specified text to tags.

  • Custom elements (converted to Phrase tags) 

    Define the elements in the file to be converted into tags.

  • Non-translatable blocks 

    Define sections in the file that should not be imported.


    Element name: notrans.

    Code: <notrans>Chrysler</notrans> entered three factory prepared <notrans>Dodge Shadows</notrans> to the event in 1985. All three vehicles retired in the first day of the three day <notrans>Olympus</notrans> rally.

    Result: Chrysler は、1985年に工場で準備された3台の Dodge Shadows に参加しました。3台の車両はすべて3日間の Olympus ラリーの初日にリタイアしました。

  • Don't escape characters 

    A list of characters that shouldn't be escaped in the completed file (for instance, #, -, [,<,\,`, ![,](,:).

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