File Import Settings

Slides - MS PowerPoint based (TMS)

Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

File Types

  • .PPT

  • .PPTX

  • .POT

  • .POTX

  • .PPTM

  • .POTM

OpenOffice or LibreOffice documents (.ODT, .ODS, or .ODP) are supported, but saving them in MS Office format before importing is recommended.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are automatically converted to .DOCX, .XLSX, or .PPTX, when imported via the Google Drive connector.

AI chatbots can be very effective at identifying format problems in .XML based files.

Import Options

  • Import notes

  • Import master slides

  • Import hidden slides

  • Import other text

    Extract special values/names/attributes of the file which are not usually translatable.

    Imports content from the following folders:

    • notesMasters

    • handoutMasters

    • slideLayouts

Import order

When importing slides, text boxes are first ordered along the vertical axis and then along the horizontal one. The order of the corresponding segments in the editor reflects the position of text boxes from up to down and then from left to right.

Formatting tags import

Some slides may have many formatting tags in the CAT editors, which could have been applied during the conversion from the original format (e.g. PDF) to preserve the original appearance as much as possible: wide and narrow text spacing, subscripts and superscripts, different text colors, varying font sizes, etc.

In such case, re-saving the file as .PPT or using online tag cleaner tools is recommended.

Common errors on export

  • Marks reordered

    Run QA and fix any tag errors. If these are unimportant and ignorable warnings, download the file from the project and check it carefully against the source document. If you find noticeable formatting differences, it is recommended to fix those spots (the tag errors) in the job as well and confirm the segments to have error-free contents in your TM for future use.

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