Costs & Quotes (TMS)

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Available for

  • Team, Professional, Business and Enterprise plans

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Quotes are created from an analysis using a net rate scheme (optional) a price list and any defined and priced workflow steps. Quotes can be emailed to a Provider or a Submitter, exported to a report and viewed from a Project page.

Deleted quotes cannot be restored.

Phrase offers two quote types:

  • Automatically created quotes

    Available in all paid plans. When using the submitter portal, the pricing information set in the portal's Service via the price list will be used to create a quote and will be displayed to Submitters before the job is actually submitted. Quotes are also automatically created when using automated project creation.

  • Manually created quotes

    Project managers with Team, Ultimate or Enterprise plans can manually create quotes in the project. Analysis must be generated before manually creating a quote. Quotes can not be created from an analysis generated by another organization.

Once the Submitter approves the price and submits the work, the quote is listed in the project, where the type always will be Buyer and the status will always be Approved.

Quotes table

The Quotes table lists all quotes associated with a project and tools for working with them. From the Quotes table, quotes can be added, emailed, and deleted.

Create a Quote

To create a quote, follow these steps:

  1. From a project page, click New in the Quotes table.

    The New quote page opens.

  2. Provide a name for the quote. If left empty, it will be named Quote #1.

  3. Select which default Workflow steps will be included in the quote.

  4. If Additional steps are required, add the name of the step and click Add. Added steps will be saved in the dropdown list for future use.

    Additional steps are only calculated by the hour and a maximum of five additional steps is permitted.

  5. Select a Provider from the dropdown list (Linguist or Vendor).

    The quote will be visible to the selected provider in their profile and will be listed on the quote dashboard.

    If sharing is not required, leave this field empty.

  6. Select a Price list form the dropdown list.

  7. Provide a Currency and a Billing unit.

  8. If required, select a Net rate.

  9. If more than one available, select an Analysis from the dropdown list.

  10. Click Next.

    The Workflow steps page opens.

  11. Select language pairs and pricing to include in the quote. Select the Language pair option to apply the same pricing to all pairs.

  12. Click Next.

    If additional workflow steps have been added, the Additional workflow steps page opens the same options and requirements as the Workflow steps page.

  13. Click Next.

    The Price breakdown page opens.

  14. If pricing is accepted:

    • Click Save.

      The project page opens and the quote is added to the Quotes table.

    • Click Save & email.

      The project page opens, the quote is added to the Quotes table and is emailed to the selected Provider.

  15. If changes are required, click Previous to go back to earlier pages in the quote creation dialog. Once issued, a quote cannot be changed and if not as required, a new one will need to be created.

To edit a quote, click the pencil pencil.png beside the quote number.

Submitter Portal and Quotes

If a Project Manager edits the price of the quote created through the submitter portal:

  1. Send an email notification to the Submitter using the Quote Updated email template with a link to the new quote.

    Once the email is sent, the quote's status is changed to For Approval.

  2. The Submitter opens the new quote and decides to Approve or Decline the new pricing information.

    Once the Submitter reacts to the new price, email notification is sent back to the Project Manager and the quote's status will change to Approved or Declined.

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