File Import Settings

Custom file types (TMS)

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Custom file types based on .XML, .TXT, .HTML or .JSON that are defined by filename and extension can be automatically detected and imported. Once defined, definition can be used to import that file type in batches when creating a job.

To add a custom file type, follow these steps:

  1. From the Settings Setup_gear.png page, scroll down to the Project settings section and click on Custom file types.

    The Custom file types page opens.

  2. Click Create.

    The Create custom file type page opens.

  3. Provide Name, Filename and extension and File type.

    If a specific file name is provided, only files matching that name and extension will be imported.


    this_file.flpgl will only import files with this specific name.

    .*flpgl will import any files with the .flpgl extension.

  4. Click Settings_expand.png beside the file type to provide default import settings.

  5. Click Settings_expand.png beside Character set to define encoding if required.

  6. Click Create.

  7. Definition is added the the list of Custom file types.

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