CAT Editors

Context Information (TMS)

Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

Some file formats contain contextual information that aids in understanding and translation of those files. Phrase cannot separate contextual information from the original file.

The editor displays this information in the Context note pane. If the file format is not fully supported, such as PDF, the pane may not be visible.

Contextual information can be presented in plain text or rich text formats. Autoselect allows the editor to heuristically select the format.

There are three types of context information:

Segments can be filtered by Context key and Context note.

Plural forms

In file formats supporting the plural form, some segments can be designated as plural variants.

When detected, the Context pane automatically opens and information about the plural segment is displayed:

  • Additional text if present in the original file


    msgctxt in a PO Gettext file may be added to the Note field.

  • Plural category (depending on the target language)

  • Plural examples

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