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Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

While the editors are connected to the server, users can add comments and create conversation threads about an entire segment (using per-segment comments), multiple selected segments (bulk commenting) or a section of a segment (using in-line comments).

The conversation feature allows cooperation between all active users involved in a job (Linguists, Project managers, Guests). A comment made in one step is visible across all steps providing communication throughout the workflow. Project managers can delete and edit comments made by Linguist users. A timestamp is recorded when comments are edited.

Conversations can be exported to bilingual .DOCX and opened in a .DOCX editor. Conversations in Bilingual .DOCX are read-only and any changes made in the .DOCX file are not imported back to the job. LQA values are not exported to the Bilingual .DOCX.

Add a Comment

To add a comment or start a conversation about a segment or a selected text, follow these steps:

  1. Select a segment.

    • To comment about a particular piece of text (an in-line comment), select the text inside the selected segment.

  2. Click the speech bubble icon speech_bubble.png next to the segment or right-click the selected text and select Comment. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+M.

    The Comments pane Comments_pane.png opens and selected text is presented.

  3. Enter comment in text field.

  4. Optionally, type or select @ to add a mention in the comment.

    The mentioned user receives in-app notifications.

  5. Click Comment to save.

    Segments with comments are identified with a blue speech bubble icon speech_bubble_blue.png.

Add a Reply

Replies can be added to any posted comment. Replies are indented to help navigate the conversation. Replies can not be added as in-line comments.

To add a reply, follow these steps:

  1. Click Reply under any comment in the Comments tab. 

    A text field opens for the reply.

  2. Enter reply text.

  3. Optionally, type or select @ to add a mention in the comment.

    The mentioned user receives in-app notifications.

  4. Click Add reply.

    The reply is added to the conversation.

Bulk Commenting

Comments can be added to a selection of segments at the same time with a limit of 500 segments. The initial comment is considered the parent Parent_comment.jpg in a selection with the following comments being the children Child_comment.jpg. Editing, deleting or resolving these selections can then be performed in bulk operations instead of as individual comments.

Relations in bulked comments

  • Editing or replying to a child comment severs the relation to the parent comment (bulk operations can no longer be performed).

  • Editing or replying to a parent comment does not break the relation to children.

  • Deleting a parent comment breaks any relation among the children (bulk operations can no longer be performed).

  • If the relationship is not severed, resolving a parent comment resolves the children as well.

To add bulk comments, follow these steps:

  1. With the Comments pane displayed or by using the Ctrl+Shift+M keyboard shortcut, select a number of segments for commentary by clicking on them.

    The selected segments numbers will be indicated in the new comment window at the bottom of the pane.

  2. Provide a comment and click Comment or the Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut.

    The comment is added to the specified segments with the parent comment indicated with Parent_comment.jpg and the child comments indicated with Child_comment.jpg. Click the child icon to be taken to the parent comment.

Editing or deleting the parent comment gives options for whether the command should be applied to only the parent comment or to all children comments in the selection. Editing or deleting a child comment only applies the command to that selected comment.

Bulk comments are replied to as individual comments and not as a group. Resolving the parent comment resolves the children as well or the children can be resolved independently.

Editing comments

Editing and deletion options for comments are in the 3-dot menu vertical_dot_grey.svg in the Comments tab.

Resolving comments

The comments in the tab can be filtered Filter.png for selected segments and unresolved comments. Once comments in a conversation have been addressed, mark the conversation as resolved. If the project manager has specified that comments are part of quality assurance checks, unresolved comments are displayed in QA warnings.

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