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Term Bases Overview

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A term base is a terminology database. Storing terminology helps keep translations consistent within projects and ensures translators use correct designated terms.

Term bases are concept-based; a single term in a language can have one or more counterparts in other languages. The term base module also supports multiple languages in a single term base.


  • Term bases can be multilingual and can be assigned to multiple projects.

  • Terms will be suggested from the all available locales of a specified language.

  • Specified Linguists or Vendors may have unlimited editing rights for any term.

  • Term bases can be accessed and edited by Guest users (clients) if such a role is available in the selected subscription plan.

  • A maximum of 10 term bases can be assigned to project/language pair.

  • Existing term bases can be imported or exported.

Term bases can be assigned to projects in the following modes:

  • Read: Checks if terms are found in the source text, if so they are returned on the CAT pane.

  • Write: Terms can be added and edited (with limits) by linguists during translation.

  • QA: As part of quality assurance, it is checked if terms with Approved status in the source have a corresponding term translation (New or Approved status) in the target.


Available for

  • Advanced plan

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  • Terms are first added to a term base, the term base is then uploaded to Strings by file upload (.csv).

  • Term bases can be assigned, as well as unassigned to all or selected spaces and/or projects.

  • Once a term base is assigned, matching terms from the term base will be highlighted in the source and target language of the translation editor.

  • Terms will only be suggested for strictly matching locales.

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