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Symfony is a high-performance PHP framework composed of various predefined PHP components. Localization for applications built with Symfony can take place with file formats, such as .XLIFF, .YAML, and PHP Arrays. The Symfony development team recommends the use of .YAML for small localization projects and .XLIFF for larger or more complex ones. Compared with the XML-based .XLIFF, .YAML is more human-readable, with data nesting achieved using indentation rather than explicit tags.Per .YAML convention, while preparing .YAML for translation, ensure indentation is correct using regular spaces and not TABs.


Plural forms rules for the  Symfony i18n framework follow the ICU message format. Before ICU message formats can be used in a project, it must be enabled by selecting Enable ICU Message format support in the Advanced tab in the Project settings window.

Once enabled, use the select functions syntax to pass multiple parameters adding the plural rule:


key: >-

  {files, plural,

     =0 {No messages received}

     one {One message received}

     =other {# messages received}


Add multiple rules for different numbers:


The YAML document is reconstructed and all plural forms are placed under the appropriate key.

Code Sample

boolean_key: true
empty_string_translation: ''
key_with_description: Check it out! This key has a description! (At least in some formats)
key_with_line-break: |-
  This translations contains
  a line-break.
    key: Wow, this key is nested even deeper.
  key: This key is nested inside a namespace.
  one: Only one pluralization found.
  other: Wow, you have %s pluralizations!
  zero: You have no pluralization.
- first item
- second item
- third item
simple_key: Just a simple key with a simple message.
unverified_key: This translation is not yet verified and waits for it. (In some formats we also export this status)
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