Machine Translation

Phrase NextMT

Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

Phrase NextMT is a generic neural machine translation engine developed internally by Phrase. It is available as one of the fully managed engines in the Phrase Language AI add-on.

For existing customers, Phrase NextMT will not be toggled on by default and will have to be manually enabled in the MT profile settings. It will be enabled by default for new subscribers and trial users.


Due to continuous improvements, the user interface may not be exactly the same as presented in the video.

Main features

  • Advanced translation memory integration:

    Phrase NextMT uses translation memory fuzzy matches and only translates non-matching parts of the segment; the best currently available fuzzy match is used in real time.

  • Advanced glossary support:

    If a glossary is attached, instead of blind search and replace substitution, Phrase NextMT’s implementation supports morphological inflection.

  • Automated tag placement:

    Supports both formatting and placeholder tags and allows Phrase NextMT to work with complicated sequences.

  • Security:

    Although all fully managed engines in Phrase Language AI are evaluated for security, Phrase NextMT has the advantage of of all data being centralized in one data center. This reduces the risks associated with multiple data centers and data transfers.

  • Formality:

    If a TM has a consistent formality tone, Phrase NextMT will adapt to it. There is no need for formality control such as used by and can be configured for DeepL.

Supported language pairs (in both directions):

  • English - Czech

  • English - Spanish

  • English - French

  • English - Russian

  • English - German

  • English - Italian

  • English - Dutch

  • English - Swedish

  • English - Chinese Simplified

  • English - Japanese

  • English - Portuguese

  • English - Korean

  • English - Polish

  • English - Danish

  • English - Greek

  • English - Norwegian

  • English - Indonesian

  • English - Hungarian

  • English - Arabic (only supported in Phrase Custom AI)

  • English - Turkish (only supported in Phrase Custom AI)

  • English - Thai (only supported in Phrase Custom AI)

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