Phrase Orchestrator Overview

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Phrase Orchestrator is an expanding set of tools for designing custom localization workflows and infrastructure-as-a-service for the Phrase product suite.

Core functionalities:

  • Workflow editor as a visual tool for designing custom workflows. 

    A simple drag and drop interface is provided with trigger and action blocks that can be arranged in linear or split workflows.

    Placing a block below a previous block creates a linear relationship.

    Placing another block on the previous block creates split (parallel) relationship.

    A connector dot at the bottom of each block can be used to draw a relationship to a following block.

    jq is used for configuration. The jq action supports both text and file inputs and can export to a file to be consumed in subsequent actions. For more information on jq, see the manual and playground.

  • Management experience for:

    • Managing (CRUD) workflows

    • Publishing/Unpublishing workflow revisions

    • Monitoring workflow executions

    • Managing workflow revisions

Total number of published workflows and executed actions is limited by purchased plan.


Due to continuous improvements, the user interface may not be exactly the same as presented in the video.

The phrase_login action as presented in the webinar has been changed to Fetch access tokens.

Accessing Phrase Orchestrator

Phrase Orchestrator is available for Phrase Strings and/or TMS customers to trial and use in our Phrase Suite.

To sign into the Phrase Suite, these options are available:

  • Sign in with username and password.

  • Customers who log in directly to Strings and TMS logins will need to login through the Phrase Suite to access Orchestrator.

  • Customers who use SSO:

    • If SSO is not enforced, Phrase Suite can be accessed with a username/password.

    • If SSO (Phrase Strings only) is enforced, contact your customer success manager for assistance.

  • Customers who use Social logins can request a reset of their password that will give them Phrase Suite access.

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