TMS: User management

Allow linguists to see MT score and match origin when "Enable MT" is disabled in their user rights

Current behavior:

Currently, if the "Enable MT" option is disabled in a linguist profile, then they cannot do the following:

  • Can not pre-translate with MT via the jobs table or the editor.
  • Will not be able to see MT matches in the CAT pane.
  • Will not see the origin or score of an MT match if the segment has been pre-translated by a PM.

They will see the segments populated with the translation obtained from pre-translation from MT, but they won't see the origin or score of the MT match in the Editor. 

Desired behavior: 

  • See MT score and match origin in the CAT pane when "Enable MT" is disabled.
  • Be able to specify which MT features to enable and which to disable for the linguists. 




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