TMS: Editors

Add option in the editors to apply highlighting in different colors

Current behavior:

It is currently not possible to highlight certain text strings temporarily with different colors in the editors. It is only possible to apply different formatting such as bold, italic, underline or apply subscript or superscript, but this formatting applies also to the exported file. 

Requested behavior:

Have an option similar to the highlight feature in MS Word in both the Web and Desktop Editor. It should work as follows: 

  • Select the text that you want to highlight.
  • Select the option to highlight text. 
  • Select the color that you want. 

The option should be added to temporarily highlight text in the editor, but this should not show in the final exported document. 

Use case: 

Highlighting text strings in different colors can offer visual aid to translators and reviewers who are working on large, complex segments (i.e legal translation), since this would help them follow the meaning of the sentence. 



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