TMS: User management

Prevent creating users with same email address

Current behavior:
It is possible to create multiple users with the same email address, including across Memsource organizations.

Requested behavior:
Make it impossible to create multiple users with the same email address. 

Use case:
This would help in avoiding login confusion for users having multiple Memsource accounts with the same email address and potentially different organizations.




  • We are not in favor of the requested behaviour.

    This would break our current use of the system same for any organization  who use the same "group" email address for certain users. Currently we use the same email adress for multiple users to ensure their notifications are delivered to the shared inbox.The user names are diffrerent which gives a unique ID to the users with same email address. 

    A more useful feature would be to allow multiple adresses for the same user account.

  • Absolutely not in agreement with this suggested idea.  As an admin, I need to simulate what my PMs and linguists see in the system, and thus I have 3 accounts with different permissions and the same email address. 


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