TMS: User management

Add option to deactivate Linguist users when project is archived

Current behavior:
Linguist users are not deactivated when all the following conditions are met:

- The option to Activate/Deactivate Linguists automatically is enabled

- A Linguist has only one job assigned

- The job has not been set to Completed and the project which contains the corresponding job is archived

Available workaround (if any):
Restore the archived job and unassign the Linguist from it/or set its status to Completed, so that the account can be deactivated. 

Requested behavior:
Add an option to deactivate Linguist users when a project containing the assigned job is archived.

Use case:
In shared projects, if the Buyer archives a project where a Vendor's Linguist is assigned to a job, the Vendor needs to reach back to the Buyer and ask them to restore the project to apply the necessary changes.



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